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About my school
School with professional teaching methodology

About my school

In many respects, we differ from each other; everyone has his or her own hobbies, careers and specific outlook on the world…however there is an important universal variable that unites us…This is art!   Pay attention to the huge flow of paintings in the art market. How do we deem what is good and what is not? People, as a rule, are not professionals, not versed in the history of art; they speak of a kind of “freedom of creativity”.  But art implies balance within limitations. And within those limitations the artist can gain freedom. The viewer may like or dislike, he/she can understand or misunderstand the artist’s work, but one cannot deny the artist skill, because he cannot replicate the same talent but rather a similar one. Leonardo also in his notes says about the need to mastering mastery (or learning to learn), i. e. the handicraft component of art (also known as a fundamental art skill, such as drawing, sculpting, etc.) Without the wisdom and knowledge of understanding art at a fundamental level, creativity is hindered. Our school has a specific program that preserves academic traditions. It includes items of the visual subjects, such as drawing, painting’ composition, color theory, as well as sculpture, decorative  art. The author’s development of the program, visual aids and daily workshops will help students at a young age to indefinitely improve their knowledge and skills in mastering any number of desired traditional techniques. For adults the school provides a great opportunity to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge.