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Portfolio requirements. Honours Bachelor of Animation. Sheridan
School with professional teaching methodology

Portfolio requirements. Honours Bachelor of Animation. Sheridan

I. OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING In the Observational Drawing section, we are interested in your demonstrated knowledge of gestural concerns, structure and form. Shading is not required; line is sufficient. Showing construction is acceptable. FOR REFERENCE ONLY 1. Figure Drawing: Four drawings of a human figure, clothed or nude, drawn from life. (Do not draw from photographs or books.) Two drawings must be of a figure sitting or standing and should prioritize form and structure. (a 5-20 minute pose) The other two drawings should be posed as if the figure is in motion (e.g. walking, running) and therefore should be gestural in nature (a 1-3 minute pose). 2. Hand Drawing: Two freehand line drawings of a human hand performing specific actions. The action details will be provided to applicants. II. CHARACTER DESIGN AND ANIMATION 3. Character Rotation - Draw an original character and rotate the design using the following views. The sizes and proportions of each view should be consistent with the other views. The poses should all turn in one direction (e.g. towards the left).  front view  3⁄4 front view  profile view  3⁄4 back view 4. Short Animation – Create a short animation of at least 24 images and no more than 48 images. No colour or shading is necessary; lines are enough. Further details will be provided to applicants. This animation can be created in a variety of ways. If you have software capable of creating animation, please use it. Output an animation file can be .mpg, .mpg4 or Quicktime. If you have software capable of creating still images, you can combine them with a free online gif maker such as http://gifmaker.me/ or http://gifcreator.me/ If you do not have software available, the images can be drawn on successive sheets of paper and either scanned or photographed. These images can be combined with the free gif makers above. If you are scanning or photographing, please take care to do it from a consistent position in order to prevent unnecessary shifting of the final images. You can also flip the drawings while shooting them in real time with your phone. If you have previously created animation that is longer than 48 images, feel free to submit it as part of the personal artwork component. FOR REFERENCE ONLY III. STORYBOARDING 5. Storyboarding – Two characters will be provided to applicants. Choose one or both of the characters and tell a story in 4 panels with a beginning, middle and an end, and tell the story through action. Describe the action and any dialogue below the drawings. You must use the four-panel widescreen storyboard. Use a variety of shots (full length, medium shot, close up). Stage the action clearly. Please include backgrounds and do not cover the character’s face with a mask. Name the character(s). You may create the drawings larger and then reduce them to fit into the storyboard template. The storyboard template will be provided to applicants to the program. IV. LAYOUT 6. Perspective Line Drawings – Create two observational line drawings, one of an interior and one of an exterior. Specific locations will be provide to applicants. Shading is not required; line is sufficient. It is acceptable to show construction. Further details will be provided to applicants. V. OTHER – PERSONAL ARTWORK 7. Personal Artwork – Five pieces of your personal artwork. These submissions should include a variety of works that best demonstrate the range of your artistic abilities and sensibility. For example, sketchbooks, paintings, caricatures, animations, cartoons, etc. Do not include school assignments. Show us the work you create for yourself, not for teachers. Do not include more than one life drawing. If you have three-dimensional art (sculpture, etc.) you may photograph the work and submit it as an example of personal artwork. Three-dimensional work is optional. If you have created work that moves (animation or live action) please include a description of your contribution to the project in the accompanying text field. Each moving work counts as one personal artwork. Moving work is optional. Submissions from a sketchbook count as a single piece. Sketchbook submissions are optional. You may also use pages of your comic book or graphic novel. This material is also optional. If you wish to see sample portfolios of successful applicants, though the portfolio requirements change each year, please visit http://sheridananimation.blogspot.ca for a look at first year work.